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A Leap of Faith

Yesterday, Jeremy Walker was busy tending to the whistles of the day when his fellow cable-man knocked the wrong wire. In an instant, fate granted him two choices; cling to security and hope for the best, or take a leap of faith.

So he leapt- 18 feet down from a sparking electirc wire that would surely have claimed his life. The Angel that broke his fall, was the decorative rod-iron fence below. Yes, Angel. Why? Because the impact of the pavement may have left him broken, bleeding, paralyzed, or worse. And the three-tiered spear that pierced his side managed to brake his fall at exactly a point that allowed him discharge from surgery this morning. Just missing spine AND kidney.

The odds of that spears puncture point were monumentally against his favor, yet; that leap of faith brought a father home to two children, a husband home to his wife, and a man i've always known to be honest and faithful in all he does- to the comfort of his home and family.

The amazing part of MY experience were the lessons that revealed themselves so clearly: i stood with his wife while she smoked her sigh of relief and she said, "I was thinking about our last conversation and i was bitching at him for being so messy. And while we were rushing to the hospital i found myself saying, "i hope my messy baby is okay'"

Funny how one moment can completely shift a perspective- first 'messy' is an annoyance worthy of complaint and then, endearing.

I looked around that room and watched as brothers were mocking the recovering warrior and saw more love pouring out with a purpose than i have in a long time. Everyone called away from work, away from bickering, away from road-rage, intolerance, hate, discrimination, bitching.... all to focus on loving that one person. Channeling just enough love to keep him safe through surgery and bring him home.

It's amazing that sometimes it requires almost losing someone dear to focus on the things that really matter. Love. Family. Faith. In moments like these it requires NO effort to put aside the silly frustrations.

I hope this feeling suspends itself as long as possible.

Call me blasphemous, but i can't help but see a little Christ in Jeremy. He is a wonderful husband, an adorable father, and an honest man. I think his Faith and his unyielding desire to do right, saved his life... and serves a much more powerful lesson than he'll ever know.

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